Recitations - Of Our Sacred Texts

Readings from Our Sacred Scriptures

An Introduction to Recitations - Series One

In this first series of Anu Universe-City Recitations, we present readings from selected verses in Seven Sacred Texts, texts that illuminate our spiritual horizon. These are sacred writings revealed to many cultures around the globe; and, their messages could well have the power to lead us to developing a more holistic relationship with ourselves, with our environment, and with the aims and purpose of our creator. By beginning our search among the wisdom of the ancients, then extending it to revelations of more recent cultures, we feel that through this survey we might come to better understand the madness we are surrounded by, in this so-called modern, advanced world. In other words, through their combined insights, perhaps we might even find a way out of what might be called, 'a distorted reality'; one most of us merely seek to endure. 

Under our modern presumptions, most people believe that their wisdom book(s) acts as a portal that will lead the faithful -- at least the ones who believe as they believe and act with wisdom -- to a spiritual zone of safety; and at some unknown time, to a sactuary of peace and tranquility. Yet in practical terms, most believers merely seek their promises of peace, as a respite, if just for a momemt, especially on those days when life challenges them or their family to the nth degree.


And so, during this journey to enlightenment we elect to begin at the beginning; or at least as close to the beginning as our spiritual body of knowledge takes us. Thus, we choose our first verses of recitation to come from the oldest written spiritual scriptures we have today. These writings represent the many verses of insightful and enduring gems of wisdom that were found written on the walls of temples and pyramids, on tombs and coffins, and on papyrus scrolls in the Nile Valley in Afrika. They are scriptures that arrogant Europeans, who in their words, 'discovered' them in the 18th century. These are writings, the main body of which, the 'discovers' pejoratively called "The Egyptian Book of the Dead." However, the honorable people who wrote these sacred words, and who stroved to live them, called at least one segment of them, The Book of the Coming Forth (by Day and by Night). Moreover, the ancients wrote these insights in a pictographic language they termed, the Metu (Mdu) Neter (Ntr); a phrase which translates to mean - The Writings of God.

Beginning the Journey of Recovery 

Before we begin our journey to recover our spiritual heritage, it is important to make clear to everyone listening that those early European scholars, did, through their words and presumptions, effectively taint most of our present day opinions about ancient peoples and what they believed. Just one example is the fact that after giving us a Euro-centric cultural spin on who they were and what they wrote, these same political, scholastic, and religious leaders purposefully infused into the Christian doctrine, and the subsequent cultural 'articles of belief' the notion that early so-called Egyptians were dredded polytheistic pagans. Although this was a false characterization, it was one that none-the-less has stuck in our cultural minds, even in spite of the fact that some of their most noted white scholars -- including men like E.A. Wallis Budge, Gerald Massey, Albert Churchward, and others -- soon afterward recanted, stating categorically that the people of Kemet (Egypt) 'were unquestionably MONOTHEISTIC'! That is, they believed in ONE SUPREME GOD!!! 

Yet, in spite of this recantation, the psychological damage had already been done, and the prior assessment continues to colour our opinions about those early peoples. This, in fact, is the origin of why today, Black people, the children of those earlier peoples, have perpetuated the unquestioned belief that our early fore-parents, the so-called Egyptians were heathens or idolitors, rather than wise, sagacious, spiritual beings. And, it is also why most of us today as followers of Western Christianity don't even want to "look back", or search the past for any wisdom our fore-parents might have passed along for our benefit or for our survival.

Well, it is important to say that from my readings of just some of their sacred writings, it is clear to me that the ancients were a loving, wise and caring people who knew 'the time and the season,' and wanted to leave for future generations, their posterity, wisdom that might help us raise ourselves up after living in darkness and mental death, for what they knew would be, a very long time. Again, these wise people somehow possessed insights into 'the time and the seasons' of man's sojourn in this world, including, and most importantly, the horrors hu+manity would have to suffer and endure under global white imperialism--things like slavery, unjust murder, imprisonment, oppression, discrimination, economic deprivation, cultural disenfranchisement, and a total loss of 'our-story.' 

Our Objective
Although there are many verses in all of these sacred texts, during this series of recitations we plan to read what we believe are the most important insights that relate to the hu+man resurrection process. These include concepts that might aid us in reconciling and surviving this age of profound evil and confusion. And so, as part of thise survey, we will look at:
  • Who were the original peoples of creation 
  • How their societies were overthrown and by whom 
  • Prophecies regarding their/our suffering
  • How long this humiliation would endure; and,
  • Under what conditions would we finally be liberated. 
We, at Anu Universe-City, honestly believe that this core body of knowledge is crucial to our re-vitalization into whole and reconstituted spiritual beings.

The Format

Unlike preachers today who read about 2 minutes of scripture and then procede to deliver a 2 hour sermon espousing traditional dogma and persoanal interpretations, in these recitations we give you approximately 45 minutes of readings from the most spiritual writings on the planet. We then take between 5 and 15 minutes
to put things into perspective. Moreover, unlike the preacher's sermons, these brief commentaries are primarily intended to provide explanations, definitions, and historical relationships -- Not Dogma!

It is our sincere desire that by us presenting and you hearing these sessions, we not only show our appreciation for our fore-parent's recorded spiritual revelations, we also help to re-establish a continuity of wisdom; a connection that will serve to enliven us, and help many survive the coming crash. Here, we do this by forging an inter-connection that links the earliest scriptures, to those that have more recently found their way into our repository of spiritual texts and that now strongly influences the marjority of people on the planet.

As stated earlier, because of its vital contribution to all subsequent sacred texts, we begin this series by introducing the primal spiritual literature that comes from a melanic Afrikan people who called themselves - Kmtu, a term that translates to mean - Black people.

We urge you to review our listing of Recitations (below) for a complete schedule of sessions.

Our Objective

Hopefully, over the coming weeks and months,
as a result of these diverse insights, each of us will be better able to appreciate the philosophical principles and core myths of various ancient peoples around the planet, and subsequently what they held as 'truth.' Then, based on these insights, we hope to find the essence of 'absolute truth' we all seek, as we strive to survive beyond this present era of global-white-imperialism, and as we rise up to serve as initiators of a majestic world for infinite tomorrows. 


The following is a schedule of the upcoming Series One of Recitations of Sacred Texts. Please review the listing, and we do hope you'll register and check them out for yourself. Don't let the prejudice of tradition keep you from possibly seeing a new, alternative view of reality and your future. 

Series One - An Enduring Message to Man and Man's Response
Date Title of Recitations
January 16, '08 Introduction: The Afrikan Origins and Beginning of Modern Spiritual Beliefs
January 23, '08 The Upanishads - The Light Shineth to the East, morphing into vedas & gitas
January 30, '08 The Bhagavad Gita - The Light in the East Refocuses
February 06, '08 The Lotus Sutra - A New Light Illuminates the Eastern Heavens
February 13, '08 Tao Te Ching - The Light Travels Still Farther East
February 20, '08 The Bible -  An ember in the West Ignites a new chapter
February 27, '08 Bible con't - Strange bedfellows; is it the Sun or son or merely a reflection
March 05, '08 The Qur'an - The Promise of Peace / Between the word and the reality 
March 12, '08 Summary:  Readings from the Mdu Ntr and concluding remarks.
* Presently, all readings are performed Wednesdays from 8:00pm to 8:59pm EST
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Upcoming Recitation Series

The second series in this on-going journey to enlightenment begins January 2008. At that time, we continue our survey of some of the most sacred books of hu+manity. More importantly, like in the first series, we further attempt to understand these sacred works and how they relate to hu+man resurrection, or what we call, the hu+man recovery process.

Realize that all of our ancient and profound knowledge is crucial to our fundamental understanding, and thus to our long-term survival. In short, this knowledge could help us begin to answer the four most profound questions regarding our existence, for instance:
  • Who are we?
  • Where did we come from?
  • What is our purpose on this plane of existence? and,
  • What should we be doing to make that purpose become a reality?

If registration levels for series one and series two warrant, we plan to present these readings several times a week, and possibly move towards daily readings. As you might expect, there is a trememdous amount of information to cover, and even reading them every day would require years to complete; and even then, there would undoubtedly still be more texts waiting to be 'discovered'...

At this time, I formally extend my hand to you and lovingly invite you to join us for the inauguration and continuation of this insightful voyage into a tomorrow that empowers us (you and me) in a whole new way. So register with Anu Universe-City and experience our Recitation Series - Recitations of our Sacred Scriptures; and learn what our ancient fore-parents had to say about our generation , and our quest to build and live in, a new (Anu) world (heaven on this realm of existence).

Hetepu (peace be with you),

Your Brother in Truth,

Im' Nur

NOTE:  Realize that classroom space is  limited so you are advised to register as soon as possible for the course or classes that most interest you. All sessions are on a 'first come, first served' basis. Also note that some classes, because of the depth of our investigation, will have prerequisites. In those cases, you MUST have take the required class or classes or have the equivalent knowledge BEFORE registering for these classes. If you have any questions regarding this or any other restriction, you can always write or e-Mail the registrar at Anu Universe-City for clarification (




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