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Background -- the MindScaping Course

The Anu Universe-City course in MindScaping instructs you in how to re-tune and re-atune your mind (or inner world) to the beat of a cosmic, divine rhythm. Realize that from the mis-education we've all undergone, to the legacy of slavery and the subsequent oppression our parents and grand parents had to endure, all of us have suffered severe mental and spiritual damage. This is why, even today, the vast majority of us do not know our true history. Few of us knows very much about how our planet and universe operate. And, most of us believe in a god whose original name is still unknown to us; and, most of us don't even know that we don't know! Due to these inbreed deficiences, and lack of other knowledge, the fact is that before we can began moving towards wholeness, healing, self-control, and self-determination, it is essential that we first integrate into our life-stream, techniques that re-align our psyche. Only in this way will our mind and our soul be reunited. In short, this is what MindScaping does. It soothes and it reawakens vital areas of the mind so that the soul can communicate with the mind in a way that empowers you. Through MindScaping, your mind and soul are rewired, which will allow you to have a more natural relationship with yourself, with your friends and family, and with your environment.

As stated, the course is broken into two levels: Basic and Advanced. During the Basic Course you'll learn how to reignite the most powerful faculty we all possess as 'man or mankind.' It is only after you accomplish this that can you began the process of becoming personally empowered. In Lesson 3, you'll learn a method of placing yourself in a constant state of what we call, divine communication, which is at the heart of re-creating a world of peace.

Then, in the Advanced Course, we provide an overivew of how to control the mind and shape it to do what enriches the community. Here science and theology are united to give you keen insight into what your purpose is, and how to go about manifesting that purpose. Following that, we offer you an alternative paradigm of how diseases afflict the body; and, how you can mentally influence the healing process. This means you'll be able to assist yourself and others as you strive to heal physical bodies from the many illnesses this world profits from, as well as some of the mental problems so many of us now struggle to manage. During this part of your training you'll also learn more about the process of moving towards your divinity.

Understand that these insights are not presented from a religious perpsective, but rather from a holistic assessment of what nature (the feminine part of the God mystique) requires of us.

This course contains all of the essential bodies of knowledge we need in order to become whole and truly alive again. The specifics of the MindScaping course are as follows: 
  • MindScaping presents a set of techniques anyone can learn and use to re-tune their psyche.
  • The Basic and Advanced course in MindScaping consist of eight sessions (four plus four), each about 45 minutes short. 
  • During these sessions, you are given the background on certain principles, followed by practical exercises. 
  • MindScaping classes meet Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 pm to c. 8:59 pm, spanning a two week period for each course segment (i.e., Basic or Advanced). The specific dates for the next course are posted in the schedule below. 
  • Tuition for the MindScaping course is just $39.00 for all eight sessions; or, $24.00 per course segment (i.e., Basic or Advanced). Also not that you can not just register for one lesson. You must register for at least one complete segment. This means you must take at least four contiguous lessons that make up one course segment. And, all students must take the Basic Course before registering for the Advanced Course. Also, prior to registering for the MindScaping course, you must apply to become a student/member of Anu Universe-City. (Again, this is required of all students.) The application or membership fee is set at the general level, which is currently set at $5. (Those who are already member/students do not have to re-apply. You can simply register to take the course by paying the tuition.) 
  • Finally, an optional supplemental CD/DVD of the course will be made available to those who attend and complete the course. (A nominal fee applies.) 


The following are the two general steps you must take to register for the MindScaping course.

Step 1. -- Determine when the next series begins and what topics will be covered. (But again, you'll need to be a member of Anu Universe-City before registering for this course. The process is simple and virtually painless(-:)  

NOTICE -- Due to late release of Announcement, Starting Date has been revised.
Date Title of Recitations
Basic Level Sessions
PART  I --  Attuning Your Mind - to the Rhythms of Creation
Nov 6, '07 Lesson 1 - The Hu+man Mindscape - Mind-Spirit Interconnect - Concentration
Nov 8, '07 Lesson 2 - Attuning Your Mind to the Rhythms of Creation - Dynamic Thought

PART  II --  Divine Communications - Phoning Home (Heaven)
Nov 13, '07 Lesson 3 - Our Spiritual Hookup - The Basis of Success 
Nov 15, '07 Lesson 4 - Mastering Your Mindscape - Controlling Reality (w/sound) 

Advanced Level Sessions

PART  III --  The Science of Attaining Personal Empowerment
Tue. TBA Lesson 5 - How the Universe Operates - A Mind-Spirit Laboratory
Thur. TBA Lesson 6 - Keys to the Kingdom - Self-Talk
PART  IV --  MindScaping and Healing the Greater Self
Tue. TBA Lesson 7 - Healing Thyself - Mind over Matter 
Thur. TBA Lesson 8 - Restoring a Sick Nation to Health - Understanding the Process! 
* All classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays
For two+two weeks at 8:00pm to 8:59pm EST (or as scheduled)
To enroll in the Next MindScaping Course  complete Step 2 below.

Step 2. -- Register and pay tuition for the upcoming series.

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A Special Note

Come, Grow with Us Towards Our Joint Destiny

Whether you take this course or not, it is important to remember that we were not created to live, or should I say exist, in a social system that allows the vast majority of people to live in a state of ill health, despair, and/or abject poverty; this includes the poverty of substance, the poverty of knowledge, and the poverty of mutual respect. When we learn and practice techniques that tap into the powers of our mind, we soon return to living more natural lifestyles. This is when we begin to experience 'life in abundance'.

Besides this, there is one other important thing you'll gain by learning these techniques -- you and we will begin to re-gain the respect and admoration of our children. By developing control over your mind, and passing along a renewed legacy of superior wisdom as a part of their inheritance, they will truly re-turn to loving us. They will see that we truly love them by our decision to break the vicious cycle of practicing the vain traditions of an alien, oppressive world, and returning to the ways that are consistent with the spirit we were created to reflect -- the Image of our Creator.

But regardless of the path you choose, I pray that your journey throught time and space takes you home again.

Veluna-Hetepu (peace be with you, as you learn to live),

Your Brother for Truth, Justice, and Hu+man Liberation, 

Im' Nur,
for the Anu Universe-City family.

NOTE:  Realize that classroom space is  limited so you are advised to register as soon as possible for the course or classes that most interest you. All sessions are on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. Also note that in the future some classes, because of the depth of our investigation, might have prerequisites. In those cases, you MUST have taken the required class or classes or have the equivalent knowledge BEFORE registering for these classes. If you have any questions regarding this or any other restriction, you can always write or e-Mail the registrar at Anu Universe-City for clarification (registrar@anuworld.net).



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