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Overview, Outline  &  Course Description

An Introduction to Anu Universe-City's MindScaping Course

This series on MindScaping helps to awaken in you the inherent power of your mind-spirit complex. In it, you learn how to channel power and energy through your brain to affect your mind. Realize that history, psychology, and ancient revelations all validate that these powers do exist. For instance, we have numerous historical examples of people who designed and built what are still considered 'unbelievable' edifices around the planet. These include structures like the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, the Great Wall of China, earthworks like the huge pictographs on Peru's Nazca plain, or the temples of the Mayans in Teotihuacan in Mexico, and these are just a few of the many phenomenal feats ancient wisdom left as signs of hu+manity's mental potential. Besides these, we also have stories about individuals throughout time who have demonstrated legendary psyche and spiritual powers of revelation, prophecy, and healing.

Fact of the matter is, we all have these same powers, and possibly much more. The only thing that separates us from those of legend is that we don't know we have 'the power', and we don't know because we are not taught the truth of who and what we are in creation.

Anu Universe-City's course in MindScaping not only provides an affirmation regarding the structure and power of the mind, it also provides you with progressive exercises that positively will increase your personal psycho-spiritual abilities. In essence, this is elementary knowledge that will help you answer fundamental questions that so many of us sometimes ask. Just a few of these questions include:

  • What keeps me from realizing my dreams? 
  • What keeps me from losing my mind? 
  • Why can't I stop smoking, or drinking, or eating, or procrastinating...? 
  • How can we move from supporting a world of destruction, and create one rooted in peace and love? 
  • How can I come to a more fulfilling understanding of God, and the Divine Plan? 
  • What is my place in that Plan? 
  • and, the questions go on and on... 

In addition to answering these questions, you'll also learn about the most powerful tool for hu+man evolution that exists; it's one that naturally exists in each of us; and, it's a faculty that's systematically undeveloped in most of us. By design, most people don't know how powerful or important it really is. Yet in this course you'll learn not only how to reignite and refocus this essential tool, but you'll also learn how to make it become a more effective agent for enhancing positive outcomes in your life. 

Overview of the MindScaping Course

Just as landscaping can transform real estate into a lovely place to live, MindScaping transforms your mind into a divine estate in which you produce the reality you desire; and, you can use it to produce a more desirable life, including a world that nurtures your very essence. By using natural principles, you effectively learn how to master and boost the power of your mind.

Anu Universe-City's MindScaping course is a live, online 8-part personal empowerment experience. The first four sessions constitute the Basic level, and the other four present more advanced topics. 

Today, because of an alien people’s control over hu+man populations worldwide, we have been taught by their dominant, alien culture to develop a failure mentality or mindset. This therefore limits us in every important aspect of life; as well as causes us to defer to their cultural beliefs and norms in all matters of importance. Because of our unnatural mis-education, we seem unable to harnass power in any part of our lives that might move us toward a state of peace and harmony. For instance in terms of our children, our future, we simply find ourselves just hoping that they will somehow find a way to move through this world better than we did. 

As part of a tool for responding to this conditioned belief system, MindScaping’s underlying theme is:  

Stop letting other people manipulate the outcomes in your life.’ 

After learning several basic principles, you can soon become the captain of your ship, and master of your destiny. Then, as others around you begin to tune in to these techniques, we will be better able to build more enduring families, communities, and eventually more harmonious worlds.

In Anu Universe-City's MindScaping course you’ll discover powerful, life altering techniques, many of which are part of a very ancient body of knowledge that has resurfaced over the past hundred and fifty years. Some of the principles presented during these sessions are utilized by psychologists, therapists, and 'motivational gurus' because they know them to be powerful and life altering. Moreover, these are insights that we should have been taught in elementary school. But due to the alien's insatiable quest for power, this basic, holistic, and powerful knowledge has been hidden from the masses - both Black (non-white) and white.

This is partly why, under the current regime of mis-education, virtually all people of color are suffering from memory loss, as well as from atrophy of the mind. But now, MindScaping can re-train your mind so you can become re-empowered and renewed of the mind and spirit. In essence, it helps you reconnect your mind to the Master Mind of the Creative Force in the universe. In terms of outcome, it helps you attract and embrace a lifestyle that ensures the best, rather than the worse that life has to offer.

MindScaping is a 101 course for anyone looking to change their quality of life. The following are just some of the benefits you'll derive from embracing these techniques:

  • You can create the success you desire and deserve;
  • Learn an alernative truth that will allow you to live your dreams;
  • Learn ways that we can change that ‘failure momentum,’ each of us experiences in our daily lives, into success energy;
  • Learn to grow psycho-spiritually, and embrace a lifestyle that magnetically attracts the best outcomes;
  • Stops others from manipulating and limiting your choices. You become the captain, not the crew on your life's ship; this is the only way to master your destiny; 
  • Learn how to help heal yourself and others, by using the powers of your mind; and,
  • Through the inherent power of these techniques, you'll learn how to link up with the God-Force on a higher, sustained level. 
As you'll soon find out, this is knowledge so many people have literally been praying for.

How to Get Started

You can start gaining these and other benefits by registering for Anu Universe-City's MindScaping course. As you begin mastering the techniques presented in this course, you'll stop asking WHY? And, you'll start to understand HOW things in the inner-universe of mind and spirit operate. The following chart provides the next set of classes. If you would like to register for this course, you can go to our MindScaping registration page.


OUTLINE of the next
Notice -- Due to late release of Announcement, Starting Date has been revised.
Date Title of Sessions
Basic Level
PART  I -- Attuning Your Mind - to the Rhythms of Creation
Nov 06, '07 Lesson 1 - The Hu+man Mindscape - Mind-Spirit Interconnect - Concentration
Nov 08, '07 Lesson 2 - Attuning Your Mind to the Rhythms of Creation - Dynamic Thought

 PART  II -- Divine Communications - Phoning Home (Heaven)
Nov 13, '07 Lesson 3 - Our Spiritual Hookup - The Basis of Success 
Nov 15, '07 Lesson 4 - Mastering Your Mindscape - Controlling Reality (w/sound) 

Advanced Level

PART  III --  The Science of Attaining Personal Empowerment
Tues. TBA Lesson 5 - How the Universe Operates - A Mind-Spirit Laboratory
Thur. TBA Lesson 6 - Keys to the Kingdom - Self-Talk
PART  IV --  MindScaping and Healing the Greater Self
Tues. TBA Lesson 7 - Healing Thyself - Mind over Matter 
Thur. TBA Lesson 8 - Restoring a Sick Nation to Health - Understanding the Process! 
* All classes are held on Tuesdays and Thurdays
For two+two weeks at 8:00pm to 8:59pm EST (or as scheduled)
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With MindScaping
The Possibilities are... Endless

What if?... What if you could have whatever you truly desired? What if you and I were created to actually will things into existence? But what if... What if we didn't know our true potential?

The unfortunate reality is that virtually all of us now live lives far below the person we were meant to be. Whether you take this or some other course, one thing is certain, you'll have to learn or rather re-learn how to bring the power that lies dormant inside of you to the surface if you are to truly live again (be resurrected). World peace, zero pollution, the advancement of hu+manity, life-long loving relationships, wonderful living environments, as well as the quest for our own divinity are all at stake. Yet the fact is, we can't even approach these laudable objectives until we learn to master the power of our mind.

So come on and learn the Mind-Spirit Approach that will reignite your individual inner light.

To this end, you are lovingly invited to join us on this insightful voyage into a tomorrow that promises to empower you and I, to form a True Us. 

Hetepu (peace be with you),

Your Brother for Truth, Justice and Hu+man Liberation, 

Im' Nur,
for the Anu Universe-City family

NOTE:  Realize that classroom space is  limited so you are advised to register as soon as possible for the course or classes that most interest you. All sessions are on a 'first come, first served' basis. Also note that some classes, because of the depth of our investigation, will have prerequisites. In those cases, you MUST have take the required class or classes or have the equivalent knowledge BEFORE registering for these classes. If you have any questions regarding this or any other restriction, you can always write or e-Mail the registrar at Anu Universe-City for clarification (registrar@anuworld.net).



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