When Worlds or Societies Collide


There comes an end to the madness!

The pendulum will soon swing again in the direction of the children of those who gave birth to civilization. In other words, the time for a Black world is again coming into season. Because our time is at hand, we must get ready to seize authority, so we can administer this new world with justice, equity, and humility. This will be our chance to build the foundation of a new world, one that exemplifies our god-nature, and not one that merely reflects the Euro-centric madness that now challenges the entire planet.

To prepare for your part in this great work, become a member of
Anu Universe-City,

and help us usher in a wonderful new world; one prophets of old could bearly envision.

Soon you will be required to design, and then live in,
a new world...

--Im' Nur--

Let's Build
Heaven on Earth

Anu Universe-City
A Learning Portal for Progressive, Liberation-minded People of Hue+manity

Mission,  Purpose,  and Member(ship)

Welcome to Anu Universe-City

Why the name Anu Universe-City? The short answer is this:  Universe City represents a place to live. It is a place where you are ever mindful of your connection to all things, and to the greater purpose all is a part of. In this sense, we seek to help evolve an environment wherein each citizen can fulfill his or her true potential... A paradise on this plane of existence. We choose the descriptor Anu because in order to move forward in our existence, we must accurately acknowledge our inter-connection with the past. Fact is, the term Anu refers to a people who were likely the first civilization builders on the planet. They were a very humble, sagacious type of man who later Chinese sages referred to as 'the ancient masters.' It was the Anu who began developing agriculture in both Afrikan and Near-Eastern Asia.  It was the Anu who systematized and institutionalized the study of mathematics, astronomy, architecture, and commerce perhaps more than 100,000 years ago; and, it was their children who smelted iron in Southern Afrika more than 30,000 years ago; and, there is much  more to be said of them. For all that these great ancestors bequeath to us, and for the birth-right we now strive to be worthy of, we choose to honor their memory forever and ever... Amen. 

To extend on the idea of coming from and belonging to, we further seek to acknowledge that we are, in essence, members of a collection of worlds; worlds populated by various types of entities, on this planet and beyond. Ours is an existence that continues to unfold within an ever expanding cosmic web. Just as our early ancestors faced many challenges, we too find it necessary to do the dance that helps maintain universal balance. In particular, our dance relates to our hu+man experience, and how we must work towards building a rational and harmonious society, one that is conducive to the elevation of hu+manity (people of color). During this phase of the building process, we find it important to prove ourselves to be worthy participants in the life-process by working to forge a social collective whose goal is to peacefully co-exist in this local vicinity of the cosmos. As part of this process, we support the fundamental precepts of: Expanding in knowledge and understanding... Procreating after our kind... Ever becoming part of a poly-rhythmic expression of a celestial structure, one designed by a supra intelligent, creative force, or consciousness (what many through tradition call god)... and To humbly follow the universal tradition of 'giving and taking,' which in justice is the way we manifest true love.

As an integral part of this physical and psychical reality called universe, we acknowledge and affirm that our primary purpose is to work to help bring all creation into a state of harmony and balance. Again, it is in this spirit that we call our emerging social reality a Universe-City--a residential place of mind, body, and spirit where hu+man beings can come together and learn, grow, and evolve into something that in the not-too-distant future, can become much greater than what this world produces right now. The ultimate  objective is to arrive at the destination some refer to as heaven on earth (Ta), paradise, utopia, or even Nirvana. But whatever you call this state, we believe our hu+man foot steps will eventually lead us to this majestic place of 'perfected civilization'. But for now, while in the process of getting there, you can elect to pass through the time-space portal of Anu Universe-City--an evolving community that presents itself as a mental and psychical healing for a humiliated people. Anu Universe-City is a place where people of melanic hue can come together to learn, share, live, and love. It is a place where universal principles replace mankind's laws and statutes. Initially a virtual and later a manifest city in the midst of an infinitely vast universe that strives only to maintain its commitment to the aims and purpose of divine creation -- i.e., to encourage each citizen to move towards being one with the One.  


Along our journey to recovering civilization, there is much to learn. One insight holds that NO people have ever built complex or enduring societies without first having a thorough knowledge of how their environment and society operate. This is why the Romans and Greeks found it necessary to capture knowledge from Afrikans, and other civilized societies, in order to jump-start their emerging imperial states. Simiarly, in early meso-Amerika the Aztecs gained immeasurably from the knowledge of the Mayans and Olmecs, who in turn gained knowledge from earlier contacts, most likely with Afrikans, perhaps as early as 2,000 BC.

The logical conclusion we can draw from this is that if Black people, who are still captives in a Euro-centric worldwide societal matrix, are ever to plan and evolve their own world again, one that reflects their own God given nature, talents and destiny, they must first attain a core body of knowledge. This includes knowledge that spans all areas of hu+man interests, and it must be a quality of knowledge and understanding that transends the knowledge and understanding of the impossing European culture. 

At Anu Universe-City we believe that Black people, the children of Afrika's past, present, and future, the genetic and cultural source from which all other peoples originally sprung, are destined to lead the coming new world into a golden age of prosperity, high culture, and civility. This is a belief that is firmly based on our studies of history (their-story), our-story, and many of our sacred texts. However, if you and I are to lead hu+manity into a new world, we must first become qualified to lead. To begin this monumental task absolutely requires that we master bodies of knowledge that are crucial to civilization building. Put another way, we must first master information that allows us to understand and control ourselves--mind, body, and soul. 

As for those among us who continue to believe Amerika will one day give melanic people justice, just consider that logically, the social revolution that Amerika successfully politicized over the past fifty years was her last best hope of affecting a just solution to what they use to commonly call 'the whiteman's burden,' when referrign to the Black population. The fact is, if Amerika were going to give justice or equity or economic parity to Black people, then the majority of us would be experiencing very different livestyles by now. The sad fact of the matter is that many of our people continue to set themselves up for a debilitaing disappointment. Their waiting and hoping for real change only serves to intensify 'the madness'. Another thing that intensifies 'the madness' is that our children are constantly being bombarded with the illusion that Black people have been liberated and are full-fledged Amerikans. If this were true, why is it that they still don't have the same level of opportunities in society as their white counter-parts? One dramatic manifestation of 'the madness' is that Black, brown, yellow and red children are learning in school, in their homes, and through the media to have a strong, virtually irresistable desire to 'love' and 'deify' white people and white things. Subliminally embedded in these same messages is also the notion that they hate and reject all things Black or opaque. This obviously includes themselves, their neighbors, their parents, this message, and their ancient fore-parents' concept of god. 

It is only after we openly seek a thorough knowledge of The TRUTH, both ancient and modern, and honestly commit ourselves to an independent future, that we will be able to come out of this artificial, distorted reality or mindset with some sense of rational clarity. Further, neither religious doctrine as it is fed to us, politics as it is marketed to us, not even so-called education, heralded as our salvation, nor the attainment of money can stem the tide of this seductive social construct. This is why it is incumbent upon us today that we first seek and acquire a thorough knowledge of: 


Under the auspices of Anu Universe-City, we offer a way for you to explore an "alternative view of reality and answer these questions, as we strive to put all the pieces of this age old drama into a proper perspective. As we go through the process together, it will become clear what our role in life is and what we must do to make it become a living reality, rather than a death dealing nightmare. It is only after we attain such an "alternative view of reality" that we will be able to satisfy our own intrinsic need to have a vision of a wholesome and harmonious future.  



Anu Universe-City is the learning and living portal of its parent Anu World Unlimited. As such, it is committed to helping raise the people of destiny (Black people) to a point where we can consciously and functionally design, build, and maintain our own living environments; this includes our own communities, towns, cities, and our own world. And, as our name implies, these living spaces will be viewed and treated as part of a universe of cities. 

At all levels of our living spaces we seek to produce humane economies by producing products and services that enhance the quality of life for all people who seek peace and harmony. To this end, our initial objective is to promote Peace, Justice and Equity for all who reside (physically or psychologically) within the boundries of Anu Universe-City's emerging domain.

To help facilitate the process, we initially utilize the World Wide Web to bring together a virtual online community. This community, consisting of people of melanic hue ('people of color'), represents individuals and families who intensely desire harmony and balance in their lives, will understand they must learn and grow in order to become productive contributors. A part of this understanding is the fact that they are the seeds of an enlightened world tomorrow. At the appropriate time, this ever expanding virtual community will bring together individuals into physical proximity, and they will begin to systematically forge physical habitats and communities. At that point, our possibilities become unlimited. 

The success of such a vision rests on the fact that NO society can be both wealthy and righteous, without its citizenry first possessing a fundamental body of core knowledge. Such knowledge consists of a shared philosophy of ethics, cosmology, a story of the past (so-called history), an understanding of how nature works, rational social institutions, and cultural disciplines that support and sustain a righteous lifestyle for all its citizens. During this initial phase of our re-evolution, Anu Universe-City aspires to be a conduit primarily directed at psycho-spiritual transformation; for only out of such a transformative state can the physical reality many of us so desperately desire can spring forth -- lives committed to maintaining the spiritual balance between Mother Nature and Father Time. 

In its efforts to begin the process, Anu Universe-City presents a complement of Classes, Courses, Recitations, and other Special Events that provides a wide variety of essential information for the ascension of the people of destiny - Black people (including all hu+man beings). By registering for one or more classes, you not only help us produce a positive future for our children, you also personally stand to grow as we share with you a new basis of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding that expands, enriches, and realigns your present reality. 

Again, what we promote is a vision of an alternative reality or world. The world we envision is one that is consistent with many prophecies . It is a world that many in this present world would hate to see unfold, as they are committed to what presently exist. Furthermore, we approach this new vision without religion! Because religion over the past 5,000 years has only served to divide and destroy us. We base most of our insights on a rational interpretation of nature along with those consistent messages left for us by our ancient fore-parents, now called sacred texts. Again, although we do identify with certain sacred texts, we do not sanction the debilitating effects of Euro-centrically biased dogma and doctrines, or religions. It is only without the retarding effects of religion that we might finally start to come together. And without the drama that religion brings, we can more quickly begin to see ourselves as One Hu+manity. 

So... WELCOME, and I pray to meet you in the virtual world, and very soon on the real streets of our grand materializing learning, living and loving reality - Anu Universe-City!

Veluna Hetepu (peace be with you, as you move towards life).

Yours for Truth, Justice, and Hu+man Liberation,


Im' Nur, 



Outline of

In an effort to meet its prime objectives, Anu Universe-City proudly announces the following series of classes, courses, recitations, and special events. Through them, we seek to help our members develop towards their highest level of personal attainment - Mind, Body, and Spirit.  It's a curriculum that's sincerely designed for your ascension as a spiritual being, as you fight to overcome the psycho-physical assaults that are targeted at your mind everyday.

Our courses present a range of topics that are practical and usually are of short duration. These include courses like MindScaping and AERO Financial Empowerment training.

Our classes bring to you a wide spectrum of core knowledge. Unlike courses, AU-C classes more often go into moderate to significant detail on topics like science (including chemistry, physics, biology, and others), mathematics (including arithematic, algebra, geometry, calculus, and beyond), history, our-story, philosophy, psychology, economics, healing arts, and the list will undoubtedly grow.

Our recitations share with you a wealth of dynamic mental and cosmic experiences. Here we read from a wide range of sacred and other profound works; these are writings each of us need to at least hear for our self. They include readings from the many scriptures left to us by our multi-cultural ancestors. Other series will similarly read from our timely work - The Meaning of Blackness. In the future, recitations will cover poetry, philosophy, literature, and other areas of profound insights. Understand that although we usually can't cover entire works during these sessions, we will endeavor to present enough material so you will be able to comprehend the messages our fore-parents, those prophets and sages, wanted us to receive.

In the coming months, we plan to launch three additional facets of the Anu Universe-City curriculum. One will be a set of broad-based Conferences wherein we will seek to bring together a coalition of community groups for the expressed purpose of forging vital national and international initiatives. Topics and key points of these sessions will vary. Another facet of the AU-C curriculum will include an ongoing Lecture Series. These thematic sessions will contain graphical presentations by noted scholars, authors, and community leaders on some of the most timely and provocative topics of our day. We will try to make many of these sessions FREE to the AU-C community. Yet another facet of the AU-C curriculum scheduled for release is the commencement of the Anu Universe-City Re-Discovery Tours project. Each year AU-C plans to conduct or partner with other groups, to offer educational tours to various sites both in the U.S. and around the planet. Some will reflect ongoing work conducted by members of the AU-C faculty, while others will result from the combined expressed interests of our members.

Check with us often for details on these powerful adjuncts to the list of Anu Universe-City offerings.

The following outlines current sessions you can register for. Just click on the associated link for more details and to register. Also, note that all registrations are on a first-come, first served basis, so prompt registration is advised for those sessions you would like to attend.  

Sessions for Renewing the Mind  
A Course in - MindScaping ,
Readings from the book: The Meaning of Blackness
(Coming Soon)

Sessions for Restoring the Body  
A Course called -  AERO Financial Empowerment,

Sessions for Reconnecting the Soul 
Recitations from Our Sacred Texts.

*  More specialized sessions will be added to these categories over time. So again, stay tuned.

How To Become a Member/Student/Resident of Anu-Universe-City

Anu Universe-City is building a learning community whose foundation is rooted in: Truth, Justice, Righteousness, and Personal Responsibility. If you like the concepts and ideas we promote and would like to become a member, you can do so by simply registering

Although there are various levels of membership in Anu Universe-City, right now we focus your attention on the most basic levels. 

Primary requirements for membership are*: 

  1. That you are a person of color (a hue+man being), 
  2. That you complete a personal profile, and, 
  3. That you duly register for at least five (5) inexpensive AU-C sessions. 


1) Our membership or student registration fees and class tuitions are kept extremely low. For instance, general membership is as low as $5.00 (one-time fee); and, many of our online sessions are as low as $1.00 per class (lectures and certain courses are more). In other words, we are not trying to get rich quick at your expense; rather, we seek to be here and make critical knowledge accessible to all, not just to those who can afford it.

2) Non-members
(or visitors) are also welcome to attend select classes, seminars, or recitations
. All you need do is register for that particular session. But understand, all our classes are on a first come, first served basis, but that priority is always given to duly registered members. If you have questions regarding free sessions or membership registration, you can email us at ''.

Anu Universe-City currently utilizes the latest in online technologies to provide you with quality voice and graphics, live, real-time instructions. This means that in our classrooms, you'll feel the spirit. Furthermore, our online facilities not only allow us to deliver course materials in live sessions, but special events are recorded (sound and pictures) for future re-broadcasting or archival access. This is a powerful tool, and your membership/participation helps to make it possible! All you need to partake in this learning portal is a PC with Internet access; and our rooms are accessible using most web browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Mozilla, and others). 


Becoming a
Member/Resident of
Anu Universe-City

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Benefits of Member/Residents of Anu Universe-City
As a member/resident of the Anu Universe-City family you stand to gain in a number of ways. For instance you'll:
  1. Have access to a whole new universe of knowledge, wisdom, and ways of viewing information,
  2. Be able to take classes, courses, recitations, tours, and other special events at very rates; sessions that bring you closer to aligning our - Mind, Body, and Spirit,
  3. Receive a complimentary subscription to our online publication thus ensuring your ability to survive the collapse of a failing world (see Khepera Chronicles - On Survival below); and, 
  4. Become part of a growing community of 'like-minded people;' individuals who truly desire positive and absolute change in the geo-power dynamics. People who desire to qualify for the next round of hu+man civilization. 


To Keep You Informed on a Range of Vital Issues...

We announce

  Khepera Chronicles
On Survival

Beginning in Summer 2011, Anu Universe-City publishes Khepera Chronicles - On Survival, an online infozine and service. This vehicle highlights key topics related to survival. These are realities of our modern life each of us needs to learn about, during this time of the collapse of an alien world. The knowledge contained in Khepera Chronicles spans the space to include health tips, wealth opportunities, historical connections; and, you will encounter strategies and techniques for surviving a wide range of catastrophic events. These are events each of us hopes we never have to face, but pray we have these crucial insights if or when we do.

You can subscribe to Khepera Chronicles - On Survival by completing the following form. It is just one more benefit we offer our emerging Universe-City community.


Khepera On Survival - Subscription Request Form
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Note: We DO NOT share information with other sourses

Sessions Coming in the Near Future
Anu Universe-City

  • An Introduction to Core Knowledge (ICK): Math, Science, History, Economics, Philosophy, Theosophy, and other topical areas. (Class/series)
  • Readings from Sacred and other Inspired Texts - (Recitations)
  • Readings from the Book - The Meaning of Blackness (Recitations)
  • Reclaiming Love - (Readings from 'a work in progress')
  • Restoring Heaven - (an 8-Part Course) 
  • Re-Discovery Tours (to Egypt, Mexico, UK, and other locations -- foriegn and domestic)
  • With More to Come!!! 

So come on and become part of a new (Anu) wave of identity recovery. 

Join and become a Member/Resident of the Anu Universe-City community today!

NOTE:  Classroom space is  limited. You are strongly advised to register as soon as possible for the course or classes that most interest you. All sessions are on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. Also, depending on the depth of coverage, some classes might have prerequisites. In those cases, you MUST have taken the required class or classes or have the equivalent knowledge BEFORE registering for these classes. If you have any questions regarding this or any other requirement, check the specific requirements for that session. And, you can always write or e-Mail the registrar at Anu Universe-City for clarification (



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