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Become a Member/Resident -- Register for Anu Universe-City Classes and Courses

General  Information Regarding APPLICATION & REGISTRATION

In order to sign up for classes, courses, or other sessions you must first become a member/resident of the Anu Universe-City community. You can do this by following these procedures:

  1. Fill out the personal profile section (see form below). To complete the process, you must provide specific pieces of information about yourself including your: Name (first, last and cultural name), Phone No., Address, City, Zip, eMail, Referred by (Note: All *'d fields are required); and then,  
  2. Pay a non-refundable application fee. Please note that this fee is a general fee required of all members and studuents. Although most fees are very low, some of our premium courses and special events have slightly higher application fees. These fees serve to offset administrative costs related to managing Anu Universe-City. In addition, if you have already registered as a limited or standard student/member, and who want to take a premium course later on, you'll only need to pay the difference in the assigned fee. If you have any questions regarding registration, please direct your inquiry to us via email at ''. 

Application or Membership Procedures

The general or limited application fee is currently set at $5.00. As noted above, some of our premium courses have higher application fees. For these courses, you either pay the required fee if you are not already a member/student of Anu Universe-City; or, if you are a member/student you only need to pay the difference between the premium application fee and the fee you previously paid. For example, registrants of the AERO course must pay an application/membership fee of $25.00. If he or she is already a general level student, they only need to pay $20.00 (or $25.00 - $5.00) to register for the AERO course. 

It is important to understand that this fee does not cover any part of the costs for any course, class, or other tuition. Again, it only pertains to the administrative fee for registering with Anu Universe-City. Unless the session is identified as FREE, you will need to pay the low tuition for a first class, course, recitation, or other event before registering for the session.

For FREE sessions or events, those who are already members of Anu Universe-City need only register for that session using their Member ID number. Non-members (or visitors) will need to fill out the registration information (below) to receive a pass code required to enter that classroom.  Understand that this pass code is for that Session ONLY. To take additional sessions or to attend future events, they will need to register for each one separately. 

Note - Specific registration, tuition, and other requirements for each course, class, recitation, lecture or other event is provided on the Anu Universe-City and Anu World Unlimited websites, along with a description. 

To Register for Your First Session

To register for any Anu Universe-City classes, courses, recitations, or other event simply follow the three-step process below. 

  1. Fill out the Application or Personal Profile Form; 
  2. Select the appropriate membership fee (where applicable), using the Payment Form (below), and don't forget to Press the SUBMIT Button on the form when done; then, 
  3. Go to the corresponding webpage for the session(s) you wish to attend, and schedule that session by paying the tuition for that course or class. (Note that Free events must also be registered for, as there is limited seating. Also understand that all sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis, and that students who are registered members of Anu Universe-City have priority with respect to FREE classes or events. So to ensure a spot, you can always register at the lowest level of membership or higher.)  

Note that after you complete Steps 1 and 2, you will recieve an e-Mail containing your personal Member ID Code. Keep this code in a safe place because it is proof that you have registered at a certain level, and that you are eligible to take classes at Anu Universe-City. You will need to use the same ID Code whenever you seek to register for future sessions. 

Again, you only need to complete Steps 1 and 2 once (if you are becoming a member/student). After you've applied and paid the appropriate fee, you can then register for as many classes and/or courses at that level of membership. But to register for premium sessions, you will likely need to upgrade your membership level.

Making Payments

At present, all online payments are collected through PAYPAL. Using this secure, online payment system, you can use either a credit card, debit card, or existing credit in a PAYPAL account (if you are a PAYPAL user). Another advantage is that you can use PAYPAL for funds transfer without becoming a formal member of PAYPAL. 

If for some reason PAYPAL isn't an option, you can always send a check or money order to Anu Universe-City at the address listed below. Just make sure that you leave enough time for the process to complete and the check to clear before classes start. To pay by snail-mail, send payments to: 

Anu Universe-City
P.O. Box 1121
Lithonia, Georgia 30058-9998

(Most multi-session classes and courses require that you attend all sessions.)

Step One - Apply for membership as a student/member of Anu Universe-City 

You begin the membership process by filling out the Personal Profile below. Understand that we do not share your private information with any other entity. Furthermore, if we do ally or merge with another organization in the future, we will notify you via email and request your permission before sharing your data with that organization.  

Personal Profile 

First Name*

Last Name*

Cultural Name*

Month of Birth*: Day*: Year:
State*:  Zip*: 
Phone No.*:  -- E-Mail Address*: 
Referred by: 
Non-member registering for FREE session:  
* Note:  These fields are required. We hold your personal data in the strictest confidence. At no time will we share this information with any third-party, without your expressed permission. 

After receipt of your personal profile data, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. However, you must pay the non-refundable application fee before you complete the membership process. 

Step Two - Pay the membership (or application) fee
Next, select the level of membership you wish to apply for below. After payment is confirmed, another e-Mail will be sent to you containing your personal Member ID code. (Realize that under some circumstances acknowledgement could take three or more days. So don't put off applying to the last minute.) Again, the Member ID code is very important, as you will be required to use it when registering for Anu Universe-City sessions or events, now and in the future. It is your responsibility to keep this code safe and confidential, yet available for registration, as well as to enter the online classroom.

Important: Note that if your payment is not received directly following receipt of your Personal Profile, your information will be purged (i.e., deleted) after 48 hours. This means, if you do not follow through with the application procedure, you might have to begin the process all over again. 

Select the appropriate membership fee for your level of participation
     $5.00 -- General Membership
   $10.00 -- Supplemental Membership
   $15.00 -- Standard Membership
   $20.00 -- Special Membership
   $25.00 -- Silver Membership
   $50.00 -- Gold Membership
 $150.00 -- Platinum Membership

Pay Online  

* Note:  Non-member registration for FREE events is on a one-time basis. The ID code you receive is temporary and will be invalidated following that event. For subsequent registrations, you must re-register and receive a new ID code. Paid members, on the other hand, receive a permanent Member ID.

Once you receive the ID code, you can then proceed on to schedule and register for the class or course you wish to take. Again, this is a one-time fee. You only need to pay an additional amount if a subsequent course or class, or other special event requires a higher registration fee. Otherwise, you can register now and in the future without paying any other fee, besides the cost of the sessions themselves. 

Step Three - Retrieve Member ID and Register for Session(s)
Within 48-hours you should recieve an email response, containing your unique Member ID. You'll need this ID in order to register for courses or classes, and to enter classrooms. After you receive it, you can complete Step Three by go to the appropriate webpage and registering for the specific class or course you wish to take. If there is a problem we will write and request clarification.

NOTE:  Realize that classroom space is limited so you are advised to register as soon as possible for the course or classes that most interest you. All sessions are on a 'first come, first served' basis. Also note that some classes, because of the depth of our investigation, will have prerequisites. In those cases, you MUST have take the required class or classes or have the equivalent knowledge BEFORE registering for these classes. If you have any questions regarding this or any other restriction, you can always write or e-Mail the registrar at Anu Universe-City for clarification (


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