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Registering for Training in the AERO  Program 

A Powerful Way for 'People of Color' (Hu+mans)
to Become Financially Empowered
in Under 3 Years!

Who is this Course designed for:

The AERO program for Financial Empowerment is specifically aimed at financially uplifting Black people, and other 'people of color' (who are members of the hu+man or Black family), from poverty to wealth. Its principal objective is to present a method through which individuals can amass significant amounts of monetary wealth in a relatively short period of time (approximately 3 years or less); this is wealth that can then be directed to help rebuild lives and fund community institutions. All of this can get started with an investment of as little as $500!

In particular, we are specifically interested in attracting people of color who have a very well defined sense of social consciousness. These include individuals whose personal philosophy is rooted in responsibility for securing, developing, and growing the livability of their local community(ies), as well as their community of ethnic origin. In other words, the AERO program is NOT intended for those who only seek to better their own individual capital base.

How to Register for AERO Courses:

In order to take any AERO Wealth-Building and currency trading course you must follow these procedures:

First, you must register to become a member/student of Anu Universe-City by filling out the Personal Profile form and paying a non-refundable registration fee of $25 via PAY PAL or mail. Following receipt of your Personal Profile and payment, you will receive, via e-mail, a confirmation message containing a personal access or MemberID code. This code is your personal password, which will allow you access to classes and to an array of benefits under the AERO program. Again, this code is for YOUR USE ONLY. It is NOT to be shared. No one else is authorized to access your account or the AERO facilities using your access code. Any breach of this policy will be viewed as a violation in trust, and you will lose your 'provisional' or 'good standing' status. However, if you are already a member of Anu Universe-City you simply need to upgrade your registration level, as defined on the page.

Before going on to the next step, you are also advised to read the 'terms and agreement' so that you understand what your obligation is under this relationship, and what Anu World's obligations are to you. This is very important, so don't forget.

Next, after completing the initial AU-C application procedures you are now eligible to enroll in the AERO Basic level class. You can go to the Scheduling webpage and register for the next AERO session, which automatically schedules you for the Saturday morning Basic session. If you have a conflict with your personal schedule, you are advised to contact the registrar at '' with an explanation of your situation; hopefully we can make some other arrangements. But don't forget to specify which class you are talking about, as we have several unrelated courses going on during this time.

Note that at this juncture you will be considered a 'provisional' student in the AERO program. It is only after you follow through to the next step that your status will be upgraded to an AERO student in 'good standing'.

Next, following or before register for the AERO Comprehensive sessions, you can complete the process by paying the minimum tuition down payment. To become eligible for this level of study, you must first remit a tuition deposit (down payment) required, which is currently $250.00 US. This then leaves you with a balance of $500.00. It is only after the payment (full or down payment) is received and credited to your account, and you have scheduled a five session set of Comprehensive classes that you will be considered a student in 'good standing' in the AERO program. Please remember that the full tuition is due just as soon as you make a profit, or within six-months after completing the AERO Comprehensive course (whichever comes first).

When you do register, please make certain that your Member ID code is correctly entered on the payment form. If it is not, this will only delay your registration, as we could have a problem assigning payment to your account; and, since there are a limited number of spaces in each section, you do not want to get 'closed out' of that round of classes.


You can register below for the upcoming Basic and Comprehensive Sessions of the AERO Trading program. Again, the Basic level class consists of one 2-1/2 hour session, and it is prerequisite to all other classes in the AERO program. This means you must take the Basic Session before you can begin any Comprehensive Sessions. Also, we strongly advise that you view our online AERO Seminar. It's Free. All you need to do is Click and Watch. Then, register or upgrade you registration with Anu Universe-City to attend the Basic Session. After that point, you can finalize you're registration by paying the tuition (full or partial) and scheduling the Comprehensive I thru V classes.

Also note that you MUST successfully complete the Comprehensive Course (i.e., all five sessions) and gain at least three months of practical (live) trading experience before scheduling any higher level or advanced classes. This requirement is intended to insure that you possess the required knowledge and experience, so you can smoothly follow the material at those higher levels. Along the way, however, you will have the option of reviewing class material. (As this implies, a recording of each session is available on-demand. Just contact us for an appointment to access the conference room.) Again, trading currencies "Is Not Rocket Science", but you have to become proficient at applying a number of basic concepts and relationships. So in this context, reviewing class material is not a sign of failure; rather, it's a sign that you are serious about learning and succeeding.

To Preview -- AERO -- (Free) Seminar


Outline of AERO Classes

Basic Overview Session (AU-C Standard Membership) 
c. 2-1/2 hrs.
  • Why Not a Trading Business
  • Introduction to Trading
  • Currency Markets
  • Prices
  • Basic Market Concepts
  • Long-/Short-Term Chart Analysis
  • Liquidity
  • Volume
  • Placing Orders
Next AERO Basic Session is:  Saturday Jan. 5th 2008 at 10:00am

Comprehensive Sessions
2-1/2 hrs. each
Session I
  • Introduction to AERO Trading
  • FX Market
  • Currency Markets
  • Basics of Trading
  • Objective
  • Placing Orders
  • Stop Losses
Session II
  • Prices
  • Charting Prices
  • Timeframes
  • Trends
  • Intro to Technical Indicators
  • Market Timing
  • Margins
  • Leverage
Session III
  • More on Indicators
  • Day verses Position Trading
  • Basic Tactics
  • Intro to Cycles/Elliott Waves 
Session IV
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Money Management & Risk Analysis
  • Personal Style
  • Discipline
Session V
  • Trading Strategy
  • Practicum
  • "The Million Dollar Plan"
  • Lifestyle vs Survival Style

Optional sessions may be added if necessary. Students will be notified in advance.

***  Next AERO Classes Begin  ***

AERO Basic Session:
Saturday Jan. 5th 2008 at 10:00am-12:30pm

AERO Comprehensive Session:  
Mondays, Jan. 7th 2008 - Feb. 4th 2008 at 8:00pm-10:30pm

 Payment for the
AERO Financial Empowerment Training Course

After you've Registered with Anu Universe-City and paid the required fee ($25.00), you can register for the AERO Basic Course. However, before you can schedule the Comprehensive Sessions you have to pay at least the minimum down payment.

The following selection box presents down payments amounts. Please select the amount that corresponds with the e-mail bill you received. Note that if you select an amount other than what you have been obligated to pay, your registration will be held up until the balance is paid and received. If you have a question, just send an e-mail to

AERO  --  Pay Down Payment
Member ID:    E-Mail Address:   
Registering for AERO Classes:
Choose the down payment amount specified in the e-mail
Containing your bill:

Select only ONE  amount.  

  $250.00 -- No Affiliates   
   $210.00 -- One Affiliate      
   $170.00 -- Two Affiliates    
   $130.00 -- Three Affiliates   
   $90.00 -- Four Affiliates     

   $500.00 -- Advanced 1 - Price Prediction    
  $500.00 -- Advanced 2 - Futures and Options

* Affiliate discounts only apply to those who are registered in the Affiliate Program.
Check Membership E-mail and Affiliate Policy for Details.
CLICK BOX to Pay Down Payment: ==>>   
If you are not a member of Anu Universe-City you must first register -- To register CLICK Here

To Pay the Balance Due

Any time, before or after beginning the AERO Comprehensive Course, you can elect to pay the balance due for the course. You can do so by electing the appropriate payment amount in the Pay Balance Due form below. Just select the amount in the drop-down box that corresponds with the amount stated in the billing e-mail you received. If you have a question regarding amount, balance, or other factors, please e-mail us at '', and we will respond in a timely manner.

Also note that you ask for your name or cultural name, and e-mail address, along with your Member ID Code to verify your transaction. Please use the same e-mail address you used to register with Anu Universe-City, or notify us if your principal email address changes.

Again, full payment must be made no later than six months after beginning the course, or just as soon as you begin trading and making a profit (which ever comes first). For details on the AERO policies regarding this course, as well as its terms, guarantee, and philosophy you are advised to go to the appropriate web page in the main navigation menu. And, if at any time you have a question regarding payment please address all correspondences to '' and we will respond appropriately. Again, include the details (session, date, Member-ID, etc.) which contacting us.

AERO  --  Pay Balance Due
Member ID:*    eMail Address:   
Choose the balance due amount specified in the e-mail
Containing your bill:

Select only ONE  amount.  

  $500.00 -- No Affiliates     
   $460.00 -- One Affiliate        
   $420.00 -- Two Affiliates      
   $380.00 -- Three Affiliates     
   $340.00 -- Four Affiliates     

   $750.00 -- Advanced 1 - Price Prediction      
   $750.00 -- Advanced 2 - Futures and Options

To UnSelect simply CLICK on a different choice.
CLICK BOX to Pay Balance Due: ==>>   




1 - All classes are offered on a 'first-come, first-served' basis. Furthermore, additional sections of classes will be scheduled according to registration and demand. At least one session of the Basic Class will be held approximately every other week, and more frequently whenever demand increases. As for Comprehensive Sessions, these classes will be scheduled as the numbers of graduates from the Basic Class rise or otherwise warrant them. Where applicable, you can check the schedule of classes for details and availability.

2-  Payments can be made via Pay Pal or USPS mail. All payments should conform to the amount conveyed in the registration e-mail you should receive prior to taking the 4th AERO Comprehensive Session. If you elect to pay by way of USPS, an acknowledgment will be sent to you via email stating receipt of the payment, the amount, and any unpaid balance (with a summary of payments).




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