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AERO Policies and Terms
AERO  Terms, Policies, and Agreement

Conditions for Enrollment in the AERO Program

Terms and Policies


Our philosophy is simply this:


'Money is a test. When you don't have money, you are tested as to how you treat yourself and others when you are poor. When you have an abundance of money, you are also tested as to how you relate to yourself and others. In effect, money tests your character -- that is, who you are at your very core!' 

Social Responsibility as a precursor for AERO training.


Enrollment in the AERO program is specifically targeted at Black people, and other people of color who are or desire to become, socially consciousness individuals. Although we present this as an individual wealth building mechanism, understand that the AERO program is intended to be so much more. In essence, AERO is designed to help lift individuals, families, and communities from poverty towards abundance. Individuals who take this course are therefore duty-bound by this agreement to support the process of uplifting local communities where people of color reside. 


Fees and Payments.


As an enrollee in the AERO program, you are obligated to remit all tuitions and pay other costs associated with taking the AERO course(s). Again, the total cost of the AERO Comprehensive level program is $750.00, plus the non-refundable registration fee of $25.00. You can register for the AERO Basic Session after paying the registration fee. It is only after you pay, at a minimum, the initial $250.00 deposit* that you can register for and attend the AERO Comprehensive courses. The remainder or balance of $500.00** is due after you begin trading and make a profit, or within four (4) months after registering for the AERO program. 


In summary, your commitment begins with your attitude to evolve a healthy community; it then extends to the payment of the non-refundable registration fee of $25.00; paying the initial deposit of $250.00 (or its equivalent*) or being in 'good standing'; and finally, you agree to pay the tuition balance of $500** (or its equivalent) within four months after registration. 


Registration and Commitment.

After registering for the AERO Program, you must schedule a Basic Session, as offered and listed on the '' webpage. If none of the offered sessions of the Basic course is convenient, you should write via email to the Registrar at '' explaining the problem and requesting consideration for another schedule. Realize that if a 'live' class isn't possible, you may be specially scheduled for a 'recorded' class. Recorded classes will contain all the instructional elements as the 'live' class, including any questions and answers shared during the session. The only exception is that you will not able to ask questions during the session. However, if you do have questions, you can always email them to '' and a response will be forwarded back to you in a timely manner. 


Subsequent to the Basic Session, it is also your responsibility to register for the successive five (5) Comprehensive classes. These classes are usually held on successive Monday evenings, and must be taken sequentially for five weeks. No provision is made for any alteration of this policy. Moreoverin those cases where more than one series of classes are being held concurrently, you must not attempt to attend classes that are outside of your course section. This is important because the information in each class builds on the knowledge derived in the previous class. If you attempt to surcumvent this process, you may well get confused, or you might find the need to ask unwarranted questions, which would drain time from those who are legitamately in the class. These are just some of the reasons why it is essential that you follow the sequence. If there is a problem, you are advised to contact us at '' for guidance. 


Once you begin the Comprehensive classes, it is your responsibility to commit a minimum of 45 minutes a day, for at least three days a week to practice the insights and principles detailed in the Comprehensive classes. Even though there is nearly fifteen hours of class time allocated to this curriculum, understand that this course is more an experiential program than a theoretical one. This means, YOU HAVE TO PRACTICE what you've learned if you are to progress. Without practice you likely will not learn to trade effectively. 

Decorum - Commitment to Mutual Respect

You might have a very different opinion on some matters from that of your instructor, or your fellow students. This is only natural. When appropriate, you can even ask hard questions to make your point. However, you CAN NOT be rude or otherwise disrespectful at any time. We suggest that if you are frustrated by a particular line of presentation or argument, it would be advisable to arrange to contact the instructor 'offline' via eMail or schedule a one-on-one conference meeting.


The AERO Commitment to You.


AERO commits to providing quality instruction, access to online platforms on which you can 'practice' what you learn in class, and follow up communications that are intended to help you become an effective trader. The duration of our training commitment extends for four (4) months from the date of registration. However, an offer for extending this relationship may be extended to you at some time in the future. 


As stated in several places throughout this site, the AERO Financial Empowerment Course is guaranteed. The specific terms of this guarantee are spelled out on the AERO Guarantee webpage. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at


 Information and Monetary Requirements.


The other conditions required for enrollment is that you commit to submitting your Personal Profile and transmitting the non-refundable registration fee of $25.00. At that point you will be open to take the AERO Basic Class. To go further, you need to remit either the balance of $750.00 for tuition, or pay an initial deposit of $250*, with a commitment to pay the balance of $500.00** within four (4) months of registration, or as soon as you make a profit while trading in the currency markets, which ever is shorter. 


Upon completing all requirements, taking all six of the core AERO Classes (i.e., Basic and five Comprehensive sessions), and fulfulling your monetary responsibilities, you will receive a Certification of Honor. This will entitle you to all of the rights, privileges, and benefits accrued to an AERO graduate. At this point you will also have the option to take further studies with AERO. Furthermore, you will also be invited to attend the weekly Conference Meetings that are available exclusively to AERO student/members in good standing. 



Connectivity Requirements.


Most sessions of the AERO Financial Empowerment Program are LIVE, ONLINE, Internet-based classes in trading international currencies for profit. It is expected and required that you either have, or have access to a working Personal Computer (PC). Furthermore, the PC has to have a working speaker or headphone jack so you can hear the lessons. It is also advisable that you have a microphone so you can ask questions during our normal 'live' classes. However, in the event you don't have a microphone, you can still ask questions using the 'text entry area' located on the left-center panel in the classroom. Simple instructions for using both modes of communications are presented on the 'log-in' page.


It is strongly suggested that all registrants view the AERO Online Seminar, which you can access at AERO Seminar. Simply follow the directions to launch the automated presentation. There you will get a thorough overview of the AERO Financial Empowerment Course. 

Prior to your first class, you should visit our Class Room facility to pre-install the software you'll need to access the training room. This visitation will ensure that your computer system operates properly and can properly access the online training facility we currently use. When you do, the webpage will prompt you to load an audio-client program, which will allow you to have both visual and audio capabilities. It is important to note, if you have a ‘web accelerator’, ‘pop up blocker’ or firewall running you may have problems entering the room. Again, go to the site prior to class date so that any problems can be mitigated before your session begins. You will also find a 'Troubleshooting Guide' on the log-in webpage. It will likely have answers to any questions that arises; and will help you resolve any issue that might pop-up. Again, I urge you to do this before class time. During class times there might not be any one available to assist you. 

System Malfunctions 

Because Anu Universe-City's sessions are mostly held 'live' in our online facility, there will undoubtedly be instances when malfunctions will occur. Two forms of mishaps can happen:
  1. You can be ejected from the room (due to your computer signal or our server); or,
  2. The AU-C host/instructor gets disconnected from the room server. 
If you are bumped out of the room, simply re-enter as ususal. In the case were the room is 'Locked' or full to capacity, and you can't reenter we advise you to either reschedule your enrollment, or arrange to get access to the recording of that session (as all session are recorded). On the other hand, if a session is ended due to a system failure, and the host/instructor can't access the platform or its features, a make up session will be scheduled and notification will be emailed to all registrants.

Such occurences will happen and most are out of our control. We can only apologize for any inconvenience these disruptions might cause you. Just know that we do strive to do everything under our control to overt avoidable problems. For instance, we have selected a stable, reliable, and functional platform over which to conduct our sessions. Still some unforseen mishaps will happen.




By registering for the AERO course, you are in effect acknowledging that you've read and concur with the agreement below. At this point we ask you to take a moment to read it now. If you have a question or concern with anything presented herein, please contact us at ''. 

I, (your name), affirm that I will make every effort to comply with all of the requirements of this course. This means I will arrive at classes on time, take good notes, do all of the practice exercises and assignments, and communicate any questions or appropriate comments to the instructor. I further understand that by paying the Registration Fee ($25.00), and registering for the Basic AERO Class, this establishes that I accept all of the terms and conditions of this association. And, in case of any problems, I will first contact the instructor or the registrar for resolution. 



Disclaimer -- Risk of loss when trading equities


As demanded by the US government's Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the NFA (National Futures Association), we are compelled to express to all students and members of the AERO Program that trading currencies, futures, stocks, or other security instruments pose a significant risk of loss. Be advised that without proper knowledge and experience, you stand the risk of losses of time and money that could be substantial. So only trade after you have acquired sufficient preparation, and only trade with monies you can afford to lose. 



* Or a discounted amount reflecting an adjusted balance under the AERO Affliate Plan's policies and procedures.

**  For those who participate in the AERO Affiliate Plan, and whose affilate discounts will apply towards their remainding balance. 





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