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AERO  Affiliate Plan

A Powerful Way for 'People of Color' (Hu+mans)
to Become Financially Empowered
in Less Than 3 Years!

As a wealth building program, the AERO Financial Empowerment Program is committed to facilitating the rise and empowerment of Black people, and people of color around the globe. It is our intent to help each of our students, their family and their community move -- from Poverty to Progress. However, we also understand that some people just don't have access to the relatively low tuition cost of the AERO course. They might have the aptitude and the will to succeed, but they just can't scrap up the relatively small amount of money to pay for the course. Therefore, to address this reality, the Anu Universe-City has instituted its AERO Affiliate Plan

We feel that a person should pay something if they expect to prosper in any endeavor, including equity markets. Yet we also believe that money should not be the sole determinant factor as to who has a chance at success. Therefore, to help those who need a little assistance with tuition, we’ve come up with a plan that will minimize the cost barrier. 

AERO Afffilate Plan

The program works this way:  For up to a maximum of four (4) persons of color that you recommend to take the AERO course, and who actually registers, you will receive a credit of $40.00 US per person. This represents a potential discount of up to $160.00 accredited to your Anu Universe-City/AERO account. It also means that if you fulfill the requirements of the AERO Affiliate Plan before taking the course, the total out-of-pocket cost to you could be as low as $115.00 (i.e., the $25 non-refundable AU-C registration fee, plus ($250.00-$160.00=$90.00)= $115.00). 

Again, the $25.00 registration fee (not the tuition) must be forwarded with your application before you become eligible for any benefits under either the AERO program or any other program sponsored by Anu Universe-City. In other words, we can only apply discounts or other benefits AFTER you have applied and have been processed as a 'member' in Anu Universe-City. Again, NO discounts can be applied against registration fees, only to offset the initial tuition deposit or any subsequent balance amounts for taking course. Also, if you have already paid the initial deposit for the course, any amount accrued coming from the Affiliate Plan will be subtracted from any unpaid balance still pending. 

 As an example of how the program works, let's say you recommend two (2) people of color to the AERO program and both register for the course. For this you will be accredited with an $80.00 discount of your total AERO tuition. This means you will only have to pay an initial deposit of $170.00 US ($250.00 minus $80.00). And, if you've already paid the $250.00 deposit, the $80.00 will be subtracted from the balance (usually $500.00) still owed. 

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The following table contains the various amounts you can save by participating in the AERO Affiliate Plan:

Affiliate Plan Discounts
(From Deposit Amt.)

Balance Due




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